27 March “TOKYO ALIFE 2020 Ver.0” Live Streaming


Heading to Tokyo ALIFE 2020, we will stream “傀儡神楽 ALTER the android KAGURA “and live-talk as “TOKYO ALIFE 2020 Ver.0” on DOMMUNE(https://www.dommune.com/).

Musical numbers are; HOHAI-BUSHI (invitation for spirit) / KUGUTSU-UTA URA MITE CHIRU(from the animation movie “GHOST IN THE SHELL 2: INNOCENCE”) / YOKAGURA-SERIUTA (celebration for life/requiem for the death).
Performed by; Alter (Android), Nishida-Shachu (Japanese Folklore/Soul singers), and Noboru Yasuda (Noh Actor) with his team.

On this date, we were initially going to hold the international conference TOKYO ALIFE 2020, which turned out to be postponed because of the new-coronavirus.
However, we decided to stream this performance, on the same day of the conference, from the same venue without people.
傀儡 (KUGUTSU) means “a doll/dolls” in Japanese. 神楽(KAGURA) is a ceremonial ritual dance dedicated to spirits (KAMI).
We hope this artwork is a piece of relief against the pain caused by the virus that many people around the world now suffer.
We’re also happy that this performance reminds people of a complex evolutionary history that emerged and formed during 13.7 billion years. Viruses have a much longer history than humans, evolving with 10,000 times higher mutation rate.

ALIFE is an academic study that explores life, evolution, and information beyond the current human scale perspective.
We hope to have a more fruitful discussion in September after everyone has overcome the situation.



Cast: Alter3 (Android), Nishida Shachu (Japanese folklore/soul singers), Noboru Yasuda (Noh Actor) and his team

19:30-21:00 Live Talk
Takashi Ikegami, Ken Mogi, Naohiro Ukawa and more.

21:00-23:00 After Party @DOMMUNE PARCO Studio
Itsuki Doi, Tomohito Wakui, Yusaku Arai, evala


TOKYO ALIFE 2020 Ver.0


Notice of Postponement / 延期のお知らせ

Notice of Brand New Plan