Video Release at the end of October


Video Release at the end of October (hopefully)

TOKYO ALIFE 2020 video will be released at the end of October as paid contents.

Please check the new gorgeous speakers and programme on the website!

We will keep announcing here for further details on the release date, price, how to purchase, etc…


Thank you!



Notice of Brand New Plan

First of all, we are sorry to inform you that we have decided to cancel TOKYO ALIFE 2020 in September, due to the never-ending COVID-19.
Instead, we have come up with a totally new plan.

We make a film about the virtual Alife conference: We would gather speakers from inside Japan, organizing a Zoom conference and editing it to make a film. Then we would distribute it later as paid contents.
A few speakers from abroad would give messages and we would include them in the film.

For this new plan, we couldn’t include the majority of people we had invited to the original conference. We are so shocked by this decision, however, it is the best we can do now.
We still would love to organize something great and beautiful conference in the future.

Until then, please be healthy and we wish your great success in your research.

Notice of Brand New Plan

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